dinsdag, 25 juni 2024
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thatsmy son 02
“That’s our son!”, photographer unknown

Omdat juist deze dag erom vraagt, hier een tekstje dat ik begin 2021 schreef voor een opkomend koffiemerk.

Volg de January 6 committee hearings op bijvoorbeeld CNN (FOX News besteedt er overigens geen enkele aandacht aan.)

That's our son!

Crazy Earl's Cocktails and Pool, Yuma, Arizona, January 7th 2021 – "We're so proud of our son, Billy Bob. He was on National TV, yesterday! He looked right into the camera and waved at us. He sure is good-looking. Why else would they have picked his face out of that large a crowd?

He travelled all 2,500 miles to Washington DC. With a bunch of his friends. For some convention, I don’t know. They even visited some government buildings. He sent us a picture on Twitter. Of him standing next to some statue in the hall of a big building. Waving a flag. He’s such a proud boy.

This morning we received a prank phone call. Someone claiming to be a federal agent. He said he was looking for our Billy Bob. Must have been one of his funny friends, trying to scare our Billy Bob... No luck there.
Anyway, I could use some coffee right now."